Friday, April 25, 2008

This Monday Night: Mayfair Civic Meeting

28 Apr Mayfair Civic Association Meeting immediately following the Captain’s Roundtable.
John M. Perzel Community Center, St. Vincent and Battersby Sts.

Captain’s Roundtable – 15th District Police Captain Frank Bachmeyer will host a Captain’s roundtable Q&A at 8PM.

Mayfair Civic Meeting – Immediately following the Captain’s Roundtable, the Mayfair Civic Association will meet on the following issues:

- Reformation of Mayfair Town Watch;
- Residential zoning;
- The Mayfair Business Assn’s “MayFAIR”;
- Sign ups
- Repair of Mayfair Memorial Playground

Contact the below with any questions:

Joseph J. DeFelice, Esq, Legal Counsel, 215-292-3926,
Scott Cummings, President, 215-776-6777,

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