Monday, April 07, 2008

Victory Over Prohibition Week

Today we tapped a keg of Victory Throwback Lager to celebrate the end of Prohibition.

Once again Victory is celebrating this historic moment in style. Stop in the Grey Lodge for an entry form. The ballot box is on our first floor. Good luck.

VOP 08

April 7 marks the 75th year since beer was again made legal to enjoy after 13 years of Prohibition. Still, folks take sides on the issue. Share with us your thoughts on personal liberty versus prohibition by completing the dialogue pictured above. Five chosen winners and their guests will get to enjoy great times at a Brewmaster-led dinner to celebrate their success, to be held at Victory Brewing Company. Our judges are impatiently waiting for your humor and creativity!

Contest closes April 14th. Winners will be contacted via email on April 21st.

Here's my entry; feel free to steal it (just invite me to the dinner).

Overseer: This should appease the CHUD. Our city will now be safe.

Dumper: Dude, that's Schlitz! It will only make them more cannibalistic! It should have been Victory...

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