Thursday, May 22, 2008

Birthdays This Week (and Last)

Happy Birthday this week to Mark Clarhaut, Tom Kaffenberg, John Suder, Mike Zarzecki, John Devern. Jim Devern, John Denver Pat, Anthony Mazzacano, and Brian Hartzel. Wow, that's a lot of birthdays for one week.

I forgot to do last week's birthday post, so happy belated birthday to Ed Luckiewitz and Chris Zarzecki.

If your birthday is this week (or last) and we missed you here, please e-mail us with your birth date and name. Whether you are mentioned here or not, stop in on your birthday for a complimentary beverage.

My conversion from Palm to Google Calendar did not go flawlessly (not by a long shot) so if your birthday is this week and if we had it up previously but don't now, please re-e-mail it me, thanks. Birthday Offer Small Print: One free drink per person per birthday. Proof of birthday required. Max value of beverage: $4.75 One birthday per person per year.

Birthday Packages: Celebrate your birthday at The Grey Lodge with your friends! We now have a variety of birthday party packages with all sorts of options, cake/no cake, appetizers/no apps, and more. However clowns are not an option. No clowns! Please e-mail Patrick for more details.

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