Monday, May 05, 2008

Tapped: Dock Street Baltic Maple Porter

Dock Street Baltic Maple Porter replaced Sprecher Black Bavarian. DSBMP is our Stout Season Beer of the Week. This beer has been a huge hit in West Philly at Dock Street. Very few kegs have made it outside the Brewpub... and we've got two! (Thanks Mike).

Congratulations to Jasper, who won the Sly Fox Goat Race yesterday. What a beautiful day it turned out to be. After winning the race, Jasper ate a cigarette butt and a candy wrapper, and then posed for a picture (and a cuddle) with Rob. That's a champion! Look for Jasper Maiback here at the Lodge soon (as well as Sly Fox Helles Bock and Instigator Doppelbock, and maybe Eisdoppelbock).

All the good links today were political (one candidate continues to disappoint and uninspire me), but I try to spare you politics here on the Grey Lodge Website. Elsewhere you might not be so lucky, but the Grey Lodge Website is politics free.

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