Monday, May 19, 2008

Tapped: Erie Drake's Crude Oatmeal Stout

This weeks Stout Season beer, Erie Drake's Crude Oatmeal Stout, replaced Flying Bison Warbird Double IPA.

After a surprising number of Imperial Stouts, we have an Oatmeal Stout this week. The effect of using oatmeal in a stout is rather interesting, and is well described by Stephan Gallante.

"Typically, oatmeal stouts do not specifically taste of oats. However, the oats impart well-known smoothness because of their high content of proteins, lipids (includes fats and waxes), and gums. The gums increase the viscosity and body of the beer. The oatmeal is an unmalted grain, as is the roasted barley."

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