Saturday, August 02, 2008

Tapped: Kira Wit, Sierra Nevada Anniversary, Brooklyn Summer Ale

10 years ago, putting a Belgian on draft here would have been a big deal. Now it's no biggie. Kira Wit, a Belgian Wit from Belgium, replaced Avery 15. Had one last night and it's solid. It's as good as US wits :-)

Sierra Nevada Anniversary replaced Sierra Nevada Summerfest. Anniversary is a hoppy ale from a brewery renowned for their hoppy ales.

Brooklyn Summer Ale replaced Ramstein Munich Amber Lager. Neither a hefe, nor a wit, nor a farmhouse, nor a pilsner, Brooklyn finds a different route for a summer brew. Definitely tasty, definitely refreshing. A little heavier than most summer beers.

Link of the day: I came across two really great videos today but they were too political for here. Instead today's link of the day is this Mathmatics and music video. My education was light on music so it was all new to me.

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