Friday, October 30, 2009

Seeing Where Our Meat Comes From

This recent New York Times article on ground beef scared the shit out of a lot people, including me. I forwarded it to Pat and we got to talking about it. Pat suggested calling Matt, our US Foods salesman, to see about a tour of where we get our ground beef.

Matt was very happy we asked. Turns out all our meat comes from Rastelli Foods, which is in the Pureland Industrial Park off Route 295. The folks at Rastelli are very proud of their facility and welcome visitors. Pat, Jason, Matt and I made our visit last Wednesday.

Rastelli's facility is totally modern. They have a full time USDA inspector. Rastelli's standards are higher than the USDA's.

As you can see, we all were given disposable caps, coats, and booties to wear. As you can see in later pictures, it's a look that is very easy for anyone to pull off. It's a flattering look for anyone.

Rastelli's ground beef, which we use exclusively, is 100% Black Angus and is all muscle meat. Some places call any black cow Black Angus. Not Rastelli, they DNA test the cows two ways before slaughter.

Here are some pictures from our tour. I'm very happy we went.

I call this one "To the moon, Alice!".

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Ed said...

Thanks for posting this, Scoats. I read that same article and have not bought ground beef since. I, for one, am also glad you guys made that visit.