Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sun, 04 Sept 2011

Draft Beer Update
Dock Street Saison de Citron replaced Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night. There's nothing on the Web about this one, but Marylin from Dock Street told us this: Saison de Citron – ABV 6% ~15 IBU’s – The fourth in our summer long Saison Series. A dry, refreshing Saison with subtle acidity from the addition of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Bready malt, herbs, and citrus fruit in the nose. Flavor follows suit.

Troegs Dead Reckoning Porter, the fall seasonal from Troegs, replaced Founders Breakfast Stout, which was on tap much longer than any of us expected.

Three Day Weekend Means Three Days of Brunch
Since this is a three day weekend, tomorrow (Monday) is technically still the weekend, so we will be serving our brunch menu from 10am to 3pm. Chef Eric is really nailing it. If you haven't had breakfast with us yet, this is a perfect opportunity. It's supposed to be rainy all day so get a nice start to a rainy day by starting out with us.

Send Your Pictures to Ol' Cap'n Scoats
Send today, send right away. Got any pictures of you and your crew having a jolly time at Grey Lodge? Email it to and I'll put it up as our picture of the day.

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