Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday, 21 Oct 2011

Tonight - Firkin of Stoudts Smoothoperator
Jodi Stoudt is here and has glasses for the first 24 folks who buy a pint of Smoothoperator.

Tomorrow - Victory Village Breakfast
It takes a village to make breakfast. No that's not quite right. Maybe it's "It takes a Victory Village to make a complete breakfast". If not, it sounds right to us.

We at the Grey Lodge put out a kicking brunch every weekend. Join us tomorrow when we pair our brunch menu with Victory Village, their every so often coffee beer. Also on tap, what might be your last chance to get some of this year's Sunrise Weisse. And we'll have Hop Devil on tap too, cause it just plain rocks, just like it always has.

We will also have some OTTO, their new smoked Dubbel (750ml bottles).

Draft Beer Update
We just tapped a firkin of cask-conditioned Stoudts Smooth Hoperator, which we are serving via gravity-pour. Kicked is the firkin of Flying Fish Oktoberfish.

Late Tuesday, we tapped a keg of Stoudts Heifer-in Wheat, which is Paul Gorey's new favorite beer. It's a super great weizen, maybe it will become yours too. Heifer-in replaced Victory Moonglow.

In time for tomorrow's Victory Village Brunch, we tapped a keg of Victory Hop Devil. Hop Devil replaced Lagunitas IPA.

And also in time for tomorrow's Victory Village Brunch, we tapped the main event beer, Victory Village. Victory Village is a coffee beer that uses coffee from Chester County's Village Coffee. Unlike most coffee beers, Village isn't a stout or porter, which makes it extra interesting. Village replaced Otter Creek Oktoberfest.

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