Friday, November 11, 2011

Fri, 11 Nov 2011

Draft Beer Update
We've been keeping line 4 running with black beers for a few weeks now, which should make Army John and Ed happy. Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter replaced Weyerbacher Sierra. Edmund Fitzgerald is a truly great porter, pints of which are easily sinkable. Happy Veterans Day to Army John, Ed and all of our vets.

Boulder Never Summer Ale replaced Flying Fish ESB. Never Summer is a fall seasonal from Boulder Beer, which has been making really great beers for 30 years. I remember Never Summer being a really delicious beer that always kicked really quickly, too quickly as far as I was concerned. It's supposedly a spiced ale, though I can't recall it being noticeably spicy, just noticeably delicious. This will be my first beer tonight. And maybe my second.

Boaks Two Blind Monks replaced Dock Street Prisoner of Hell. I remember drinking some Two Blind Monks a few years ago at a beer festival and being blown away. I can't wait to have some tonight when I'm done working.

Event Preview
We have a Dogfish Head brunch lined up next month, "O Come All Ye Faithfull Hellhounds to the Olde School... (bow head)... Namesta" Dogfish Head Brunch. Here's the poster.

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