Friday, December 30, 2011

Fri, 30 Dec 2011

Wow 2011 is quickly running to a close.

As usual we'll be doing brunch on Saturday and Sunday until 3pm. Sunday is New Years Day; what better way to ring the new year but with brunch? Or what better way to begin to see the old year out than with brunch? Fine reasons to come for brunch either day,.. or both.

We don't know why people get themselves all excited about a change of the calendar, but who are we to ask why? Chris and Patty will be behind the wood for New Years Eve tomorrow night, which will be little low key (cause we really don't get it), but there will be the usual excitement at midnight. If you don't get it either, why not join us?

Draft Beer Update
John Knesis will be happy to see that Firestone Walker Walkers Reserve Porter replaced Anchor Our Special Ale. John asked a while back and it's finally here. This beer uses 5 different malts plus oats and is "selectively fermented in the Firestone Union oak barrel brewing system". Ooooh... selectively fermented!!! But seriously, it does sound really tasty and well crafted. I will have one as my first beer when I finally get on the better side of the bar tonight.

Magic Hat Circus Boy
replaced Philadelphia Walt Wit. Circus Boy is a hefewiezen brewed with lots of lemon grass. It's different from the normal hefe, but different in a great way. This will be my second beer tonight.

8:30pm Update. Five kegs have turned over since the last update a scant four hours ago

Manayunk Rye of the Tiger IPA replaced Stoudts Revel Red. Rye of the Tiger is of course an homage to Rocky. Like many rye beers, it's a hopbomb to balance out the rye.

Peak Maple Collaboration replaced Cigar City Maduro. Maple Collaboration Ale is a maple ale with oats. Sounds interesting. I think it might make my dance card tonight. With all these changes, I'll have go with 1/2 pints to try all the ones I want to.

Scaldis Noel, our last Christmas beer of this holiday season was just tapped. It's a 20 liter which is equal to a sixtel. Scaldus replaces Dupont Avec les Bons Voeux, which was also a 20 liter. Like the 3 Christmas beers on line 10 before it, Scaldus Noel is from Belgium. Wow this little Vixen (that's a reindeer right?) clocks in at 12% ABV. The official description says it is quite hoppy. At 12% ABV it has to be very malty too. Yet another one for my dance card.

Wells Bombardier, our Beer Season beer of the week, replaced itself. The first one got tapped on Monday. It's a traditional English bitter from England. Peeps have been digging it.

Also replacing itself is Philadelphia Shackamaximum Imperial Stout. This is second of two quarter barrels in a row, to keep us at big boy size beer levels.

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