Monday, December 26, 2011

Mon, 26 Dec 2011

This Week at The Grey Lodge
We hope everyone had a very enjoyable holiday.

Monday - today, you might have off, but we don't. Bar and kitchen are open normal hours. Why not stop in and give us some work to do?.. we're here anyway. The Christmas leftovers will keep for another day.

Wednesday - For this week's Quizzo, Quizmaster Chris3 will host a year-end wrap-up Quizzo. 8pm on our second floor.

Saturday - We will be open for New Year's Eve, but will keep it low key this year. We will have loads of great beer, cool tunes on the juke, and make a fuss at midnight, but you don't have to dress up or drop big bucks. Of course if you want do either or both, we can handle that too.

Sunday - Why not start off the New Year with a nice brunch and a bit of the hair o' the dog? We serve brunch every weekend, Saturdays from 10am to 3pm, Sundays from 11am to 3pm.

Draft Beer Update
This week's Beer Season beer of the week is Wells Bombardier. For this Beer Season, we are highlighting a different beer style every week (and 13 weeks is no where enough to highlight every style of beer). This week's style is English bitter and Bombardier is described as "the definitive English Bitter". So there we go! Bombardier replaced Southampton Christmas Ale. We got a deal on the Bombardier, and are passing along the savings. Pints are just $4.

Stoudts Revel Red, which is Stoudts winter seasonal beer, is a hoppy red ale. Revel replaced Troegs Mad Elf. We have two more Mad Elves, which will come out in 2012. The first in July for Xmas in July, and the second around late November/early December for our annual Mad Elf Night, when we always have two years of Elf on tap.

Philadelphia Shackamaximum Imperial Stout is back. We could only get quarter barrels, so we got four. Continuing our commitment to only tap big boy barrels of beer (unless it's sixtel only), we will run the two quarters back to back; two quarters equalling a half. Clocking in at 8%, this year's Shack is a bit lower in ABV than previous years, when it was a little over 10%. Shackamaximum replaced Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi. Speaking of the Maji, fear not Xmas beer lovers, Christmas lasts until January 6th, which is the Ephiphany, aka Feast of the Three Kings. We still have a few Christmas beers on tap, and one more waiting to get tapped.

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