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Mon, 09 Jan 2011

This Week at The Grey Lodge
Tuesday - The Lucky 13 Homebrew Club meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month on our 2nd floor. This is a great opportunity to interact with other homebrewers of all skill levels. We have a really great crew, why not join us? It's a really fun time. 7:30pm on our 2nd floor.

Wednesday - This week's Quizmaster is Quizmaster Pete. Pete seems to have a General Quizzo lined up for us. Which should be good news for Donny Smith, the Mayor Mayfair, Quizzo, every Wednesday on our 2nd floor. 8pm. no cover.

Talking of Mayfair, we were profiled as this week's Mayfair Business Association Merchant of the Week.

Friday - This Friday we will do a little something we call Friday the Firkinteenth. 25 firkins (more or less). Noon tapping, 7 firkins on the bar at any time. Cask ale should flow until 10pm, so don't worry about coming later. Doors open at 10am. For early comers, Eric will have a small brunch menu available to start you off right. For those who are counting, this will be our 24th Friday the Firkinteenth.

Draft Beer Update
Boulder Planet Porter replaced Firestone Walker Walkers Reserve Porter. Planet Porter is yet another perfect beer from Boulder. This is a truly world class porter. And as such could have been a beer of the week for this current Beer Season, where we spotlight a world class example of a different style of beer every week. As things worked out, we another equally great porter to take the spotlight in a week or so. Boulder has been using the same recipe for Planet Porter for over 30 years now (which is forever and another forever in the world of America craft beer). Hey why mess with perfection?

Talking about Beer Season and beers of the week, a new week starts today. The style this week is American Pale Ale. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is one of the pioneers (if not the pioneer of this style). We have loads of Sierra kegs coming and going this month, so we went with Stoudts American Pale Ale to represent this style. Stoudts has been making this beer since the late 90s. It was a popular back in the early days of the Grey Lodge, and it still is; the first barrel, tapped on Saturday is almost gone. Don't worry, we have another and a third coming in this week.

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