Monday, February 11, 2013

Mon, 11 Feb 2013

This Week at The Grey Lodge
Woo wee do we got a week for you!

It's week 12 of Beer Season. This week's iconic beer is Fullers ESB. This is the real deal for English style Extra Special Bitter. It's been several years, maybe 10 since I've had Fullers ESB, but I recall it being an especially great bottle of beer. Fullers does it right.

Tuesday evening, it's Taco Tuesday when we have great tacos not that ground meat, crunchy tortilla, lettuce and sour cream junk. Chef Dave comes up with two different types of tacos each week.

Also on Tuesday, at 7:30pm, it's the monthly meeting of the Lucky 13 Homebrew Club on our 2nd floor. Homebrewers of all skill levels are invited to join our diverse and friendly group.

Wednesday night, it's Quizzo, at 8pm on our second floor. This week's Quizmaster is Chris3. It seems he is NOT having an Ash Wednesday themed quizzo, so pagans will not be at a disadvantage.

Thursday is Valentines Day, we will have several chocolate beers on tap, and a four course dinner for just $25 per person.

On Friday, it's the official debut of Stoudts Four Play IPA. Besides Stoudts Four Play IPA, we will have 3 other Stoudts on tap for a real four play. Also you can play Connect Four against Stoudts rep Kevin Romer for Stoudts' prizes.

The first person to bring a Connect Four game for Friday (hopefully before Friday) will get something from Stoudts for their troubles. You will also get your game back. Unless it gets wrecked in the course of play. Kevin was saying something about full contact Connect Four.

Saturday and Sunday, we serve brunch from 10am to 3pm. Besides our regular brunch menu, Big Dan always has a brunch special.

Hop Angel has a lot going on this week too.

Draft Beer Update
On our lager line, Victory Prima Pils replaced Manayunk ALTercation. I never liked pilsner beers until I had a Victory Prima Pils when it for came out about 17 years ago. Thanks to Prima, pilsner is now one of my favorite beer styles. This is a truly great beer made right here in our own backyard. With the huge variety of beer Victory puts out every year, we seldom get to fit in this old favorite. Happily the stars aligned and it will be on ever so briefly. Enjoy while it lasts.

On our black beer line, in time for Valentines Day on Thursday, Dock Street Sexy Beast replaced Sierra Nevada Porter. Sexy Beast is an 8% stout made with Belgian chocolate and it uses a Belgian yeast. Sounds very interesting.

Also in time for Valentines, Lancaster Double Chocolate Milk Stout replaced Yards ESA. This is a doubled up version of Lancaster's Milk Stout, which basically means doubling all of the ingredients except for the water. This results in an ABV of 6.8% over 5.3% for the regular version. But there's more!.. they added cocoa nibs too.

On our cider line, Woodchuck Winter Cider replaced Desiato Spiced Double Barrel Cider. Woodchuck Winter gets additional character from oak aging.

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