Monday, February 18, 2013

Mon, 18 Feb 2013

This Week at the Grey Lodge Pub
It's week 13, the final week of the current Beer Season. This week's beer is Anchor Steam. Anchor Steam is indeed an icon. Anchor was a struggling old San Francisco brewery that way back in 1965 was purchased by a young Fritz Maytag, an heir to the Maytag washing machine fortune. Anchor was one of the last producers of steam beer, which is also known as California common. Steam beer is brewed with a lager yeast but aged like an ale. The opposite of an alt which uses an ale yeast but is aged like a lager.

In a sort of dick move, Anchor trademarked "Steam", which would be a little like Yuengling trying to trademark "lager". Anyway Fritz saved the brewery, turned it around, and started making some really cool beer. Anchor was one of the pioneering breweries that inspired many that came after it, such as Sierra Nevada. This beer is a true icon, an icon that paved way for the incredible array of beer we currently enjoy.

Can you remember the last time you had an Anchor Steam? I can't. And that's the point of this Beer Season.

Thanks to Brian Ploszaj who came up with the current shirt design. Beer Season shirts should be in next week. As always, Beer Season shirts are not for sale. We do have shirts for sale at

Tuesday is Taco Tuesday when we have to great taco specials to choose from. Chef Dave switches them up every week. 5pm - midnight

Wednesday is Quizzo with Quizmaster Pete. As usual, Quizzo is at 8pm on our 2nd floor.

This Friday, we will celebrating the fifth anniversary of Boaks with an Anniversary Party. On tap will be
- 3 years of Boaks Monster Mash Imperial Stout, 2008, 2009 and 2013,
- Boaks Double BW, their great lemongrass beer
- Boaks Two Blind Monks, their great abbey style dubbel.

As always, on Saturday and Sunday, we serve Brunch from 10am to 3pm. In addition to our regular menu, Big Dan always has a breakfast special on.

Our second floor will be closed on Saturday for two private parties, one after the other.

Draft Beer Update
A sixtel of Sixpoint Mad Scientists #12 Goser the Gozerian replaced Ommegang Seduction. Wow it's Gose. "Gose pronounced “Gose-uh”, carries its name from the river Gose, roughly 100 miles west of the better known city of Leipzig – Hence the more commonly known Leipziger Gose, one of the few German styles that are still underrepresented here in the US.  "One of the distinctive features of Gose is its salty character.  This was originally attributed to the naturally salinated water that came out of many of the mineral-rich aquifers surrounding the town of Goslar.  As legend has it, medieval alchemists often debated the medicinal effects of 'white salt crystals' from Goslar. When these Goslar crystals were dissolved in water, the acerbic and sour tincture that resulted was known as 'copper water.'”

Manayunk Smokehouse Porter replaced Sly Fox Rauchbier. This is a smoked porter. It paraphrase Homer Simpson "Smoke makes it good".

On the hand pump: cask-conditioned Troegs Hopback Amber replaced Lancaster Double Chocolate Milk Stout. Troegs Hopback is a great hoppy amber ale. Just a perfect beer.

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