Friday, June 20, 2014

Fri, 20 Jun 2014

I Don't Usually Eat Desserts But I'd Go to Town on This

Andy is very proud of this Baileys bread pudding with chocolate chips, walnuts, and coffee anglais. He thinks it's the best dessert he's ever made.

Draft Beer Update

Kicked: Sixpoint Crisp Pils, Philadelphia Walt Wit, Weyerbacher Insanity (sixtel), Lagunitas Czech Pils, Weyerbacher Last Chance IPA, Stoudts M.P.D. IPL, Deschutes Twilight.


Stoudts Pils, the original modern day Pennsylvania pilsner. The one that started it all is still as great as ever.

Lancaster Gold Star Pilsner is a direct descendant of Stoudts Pils. If you'd like, try them both side by side to note the similarities and differences.

Summit Unchained 15 Fest Bier - this is a nice Oktoberfest beer, a few months early.

Dogfish Head Positive Contact (sixtel) - count on Dogfish Head to bring out another beer that I have no idea what it is. Silly me for thinking it's a beer. From Dogfish Head: Positive Contact is a cider-beer-hybrid veeeeeery loosely based on a Belgian-style Wit beer brewed with a bunch of unconventional ingredients for the style. Typically, Wits are brewed using bitter orange peel and coriander, but we went a different route. Inspired by one of Sams trips to Eataly in New York City, Sam and Ben brewed this beer with organic Fuji apple cider, fresh organic cilantro, and dried cayenne pepper. The cider was pressed in house from 200 lbs of apples with our very own fruit press. The grain bill for this brew was about 50/50 wheat and barley but a small portion of Anson Mills Slow-Roasted Farro was also added. To make this awesome product,the folks at Anson Millsuse a unique ancient heirloom variety of grain which imparts a delicate aromatic quality (Farrois traditionally used in soups and similar dishes). On top of that, a new hop variety was used, named Calypso, which lends notes of pear and apple that perfectly compliment the other ingredients in the brew. It was then fermented with a Belgian Wit yeast strain, adding both fruity and spicy complexity. This bad boy clocks in at 9% so it ain't that much of a wit. It does sound very interesting though.

Stoudts Heifer-in Wheat - Stoudts's badly named but still tasty hefeweizen.

Natian CuDA Cascadian Dark Ale - a new one (for us at least) from somewhere. It's a northwest style dark IPA. OK so the brewery is called ney-sheh; they are a little over 4 years old, and are from Oregon. Why would you name a brewery with an illogically pronounceable name?I think we  just call it NAY-te-an since this is America. Ef yeah.

Stone Enjoy By IPA 07-04-2014 - Stone's Enjoy By is always a super popular beer. This beer is meant to be drank as fresh as possible. I guarantee this 1/2 keg will not last until Sunday.

9pm Update:

Yuengling Porter replaced Natian CuDA Cascadian Dark Ale. A full bodied mellow porter with a rich dark color.

Ballast Point Sculpin replaced Stone Enjoy By IPA 07-04-2014. Sculpin IPA is bright with aromas of apricot, peach, mango and lemon. Its lighter body also brings out the crispness of the hops.

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