Monday, July 14, 2014

Mon. 14 Jul 2014

This Week at the Grey Lodge 

Taco Tuesday: Tuesday is Taco Tuesday from 5pm to midnight. Our kitchen krew comes up with three different tacos every week. Tacos are 3 for $8, mix and match as you like. The current week's selections are updated here every Tuesday afternoon.

Quizzo: Wednesday we have Quizzo at 8pm. This week's Quizmaster is Chris3. As usual Quizzo will be on our 2nd floor.

This Friday is Evil Genius IPA Night, when we will have 3 Evil Genius IPAs on tap. Luke and/or Trevor from EG will be on hand. And we will use my awesome wife's great idea of an Evil Scientist Maniacal Laugh contest. The contest will be at 8pm.

Weekend Brunch: Saturday and Sunday, we serve Brunch from 10am to 3pm. In addition to our regular brunch menu, Big Dan has a brunch special every weekend. Our regular menu is available too.

Draft Beer Update 

On our wheat beer line, Weyerbacher White Sun Wit replaced Stoudts Heifer-in Wheat. I liked the old name "Blanche" better, but this is still the same tasty Belgian style white beer, To quote Shakespeare, "does a rose still not smell as sweet, dost not a wit still taste as great". He actually wrote that. That guy was a genius.

Victory Hop Ticket #3 Dry Hopped Pils replaced Yards Cerebral Pourtex. Victory has a bazillion beers out as usual. They have something called the Hop Ticket Series. This is the 3rd of 3 so far; like good beer geeks, we have collected all 3. It's not really clear what "Hop Ticket" means, but like Shakespeare says, "what light through yonder window breaks, it is a pilsner and I will drink my fill". Genius, pure genius. The guy wrote about pilsners 100s years before they were invented... genius! Anyway, Victory has made a great pilsner since they started about 18 years ago, so this one is bound to be great but in a different way from Prima.

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