Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sat, 23 Aug 2014

Draft Beer Update

On our session beer line, Neshaminy Croydon Cream Ale replaced Philadelphia Fleur de Lehigh. Cream Ale aren't words that tend to get a beer geek's mouth watering. But you think, hey it's Neshaminy Creek and those guys usually kick some serious ass. So you try it... and you are not disappointed. In fact you appreciate what a wonderful little low octane beer you have in front of you. This beer is chock full of "beer value". I really like it.

Sixpoint Tesla replaced Pizza Boy Citra Pils. Telsa is a higher than usual octane lager with loads of hops and made with wheat. Originally one of their Mad Scientist beers. It must have been popular because it has graduated into larger distribution, bigger barrels, and a lower price point. I will be trying one of these when I'm done work tonight.

Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA replaced Abita Select Imperator. Flipside is meant to the anti-summer seasonal. Sierra couldn't have known the wonderfully cool summmer we would be having that this beer is perfect for, or maybe they could. Sierra is so advanced, they have probably sent beer to the moon and didn't bother to tell anyone, so who knows. But I digress, Red. IPA. 6.2%. Sierra Nevada. That really is all we need to know.

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