Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Food Specials

Smoked Chicken Wings in
apple-bourbon glaze -$9

Poutine (Fries with cheese curd and gravy) -$6

Chili Dog Empanada with pepperoncini relish and beer cheese. -$7

Pesto Marinated Shrimp over Italian Chop Salad

Mackin' Cheeseburger- smoked gouda mac and cheese, mushrooms, fried onions, tomato, arugula, candied bacon, and spicy butternut squash BBQ.
Served with a side of fries. -$12

S'mores Bread Pudding -$6

Step up your sandwich game by making candied bacon with brown sugar.  Or, just come to the Grey Lodge and we'll put it on your burger!

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