Friday, December 26, 2014

Fri, 26 Dec 2014

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas day. We are back to normal, or what passes for normal here. We should have Christmas beers on tap up until New Years Day.

Picture of the Day

Here's another one from last Sunday's Festivus. Two entries in the ugly sweater contest. Those were too nice. Photo courtesy of John Leong.

Draft Beer Update

Shiner Holiday Cheer replaced itself. Man, this is a GREAT beer. A nice change from spiced up holiday beers, this one is a dunkelweizen with peaches and pecans and just the right amount of both. I have had a few of these this week. And I see more in my future.

Abita Christmas Ale replaced Sly Fox Christmas Ale. The recipe changes every year and I haven't tried it yet, though will fix that tonight, so I don't know exactly what it tastes like. I do know that Rita Louden gave it a thumbs up last night.

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