Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Food Specials

Buffalo Shrimp Cocktail with bleu cheese slaw
and IPA cocktail sauce. -$9

Pork and Potato Croquettes with mushrooms
and bacon and a Swiss cheese mornay. -$8

Mixed Greens Salad with cucumber, roasted green cauliflower, tomato, turnip, shaved gouda,
croutons, and a vidalia onion dressing. -$8

Everything” Pretzel Burger with lettuce, tomato,
bacon, spicy marinated mushrooms,
sharp cheddar, and honey mustard. W/ FF. -$10

Braised Pork Belly and Roasted Turkey Sandwich
with coleslaw, arugula, tomato, and
horseradish cheddar on challah. W/ FF. -$10

Chocolate Chip Bananas Foster
Bread Pudding. -$6

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