Monday, February 09, 2015

Mon, 09 Feb 2015

This Week at the Grey Lodge 

Home Brew, tacos, Quizzo, a Firkinteenth, Valentine's Weekend, Brunch, and Beer and Cheese pairing... man we do have a week ahead.

Monday: Beer and Cheese Week 1 Catch-up: If you missed last night's debut of our epic 169 week Beer & Cheese Odyssey, you might have a chance to catch up. We have a little bit of last night's cheese left over. Last night's cheese was the really delightful Vacherin Mont d'Or: Petit Vaccarinus paired with 21st Amendment Monks Blood for just $12. The pairing will be available from 5pm until supply runs out.

Taco Tuesday: Tuesday is Taco Tuesday from 5pm to midnight. Our kitchen krew comes up with three different tacos every week. Tacos are 3 for $8, mix and match as you like. The current week's selections are updated here every Tuesday afternoon.

Home Brew Club As usual on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, the Lucky 13 Homebrew Club meets meets on our 2nd floor. This is fun time for any home brewer, whether a beginner or a master.

Quizzo: Wednesday we have Quizzo at 8pm. This week's Quizmaster is PBChris, who will have a Variety Quizzo with Music, Movie Quotes, History, and Famous Philadelphia rounds. As usual Quizzo will be on our 2nd floor.

Friday Firkinteenth: Friday is Friday the 13th, which means it is Friday the Firkinteenth, our world famous cask ale event. The Firkinteenth is an all day event with two sessions of 13 firkins each. Come to one; come to both; there's no cover.

Weekend Brunch: Saturday and Sunday, we serve Brunch from 10am to 3pm. In addition to our regular brunch menu, Big Dan has a brunch special every weekend. Our regular menu is available too. In honor of Valentines Day, this week's brunch special will be Red velvet pancakes with strawberry cream cheese frosting.

Valentine's Day falls on Saturday this year. Bring your sweetie in for brunch or dinner, or both... you have two days after all.

Valentines Dinner Special: Saturday & Sunday, 5pm to 11pm
Order any of type of dinner from us and get a free chocolate dessert. Some places try to gouge you for Valentines, but that's not our style. Order what you like at our regular price and get a free dessert. That's our way of wishing everyone a happy Valentine's. We will also have a chocolate beer or two on tap.

Sunday Night Special: Beer and Cheese Pairing. It's week two of our week 169 week Beer & Cheese Odyssey. For 169 weeks, we will feature one of the 169 cheeses profiled in Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese: A Guide to Wedges, Recipes, and Pairings by Tenaya Darlington. This week's pairing will be Evalon, a Gouda style cheese, and Unibroue La Fin Du Monde for just $13.

Draft Beer Update 

On our black beer line, this week's Beer Season beer of the week, Helltown American Porter, replaced Otter Creek 2012 Russian Imperial Stout. Helltown is a brewery from Mount Pleasant, PA, which has the zip code of 15666. The name Helltown comes from the last three digits of the zip. This should be a standard American porter, and there ain't nothing wrong with that. In fact there is very much right about a standard American porter. I look forward to drinking some this week.

On our IPA line, Evolution Lot No.3 IPA replaced Troegs Nugget Nectar. Joe Casey is a big fan of this one, and I had a bottle at his house back in December. Now I'm a fan too. But even if I'm not a fan, we'll still get a beer in on tap if you ask us. Within reason of course.

Cape May Turtle Gut replaced Dock Street Summer in Berlin. Turtle Gut is a sour beer from still new to Philly Cape May Brewing. This one is not too extremely sour, so it should be more accessible for people do not yet know how much they love sour beers.

On our big beer/small pour line, Samuel Adams Black Harbor Stout (sixtel) replaced Trubbel de Yards (sixtel). Black Harbor is an imperial stout with vanilla. It clocks in at 11.1% ABV.

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