Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Night Special Beer and Cheese Pairing: Week 10

Much like every Sunday night, we will be celebrating both cheese and beer.  Join us as we navigate a terrific book about cheese and pair the awesome flavors of the cheeses with the beers that bring out the complexity of them.  This week we are featuring Cana de Cabra.  It is a sheep's milk cheese, similar to a gouda, with an edible rind and many layers of flavor.  We will be pairing it with applewood smoked marcona almonds, lemon honey, marinated dates, and toast squares.

We will be pairing it with Sly Fox Royal Weisse. Tenaya recommends a wheat beer. We've picked some freshly canned Sly Fox Royal Weissew which now in season. Royal Weisse is a traditional Bavarian style hefeweizen - wheaty, cloudy, and yeasty. ABV 5.4%

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