Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pub Letters - Every Tuesday in June

This is a guest post from Mike McGettigan. Mike runs Pub Letters (and Trophy Bikes). He will be bringing Pub Letters to Grey Lodge every Tuesday in June, starting this Tuesday. 

For Philly Beer Week, Thank a Brewer! (in writing)

Posted on May 29, 2015by 
They slave over a hot kettle–the size of an SUV.
They fret over screenfuls of cold, hard Excel files–so that you can enjoy a cold, crisp beer.
Why not drop your favorite brewer a line to let them know you appreciate the work they’re doing?
And what better place, as Beer Week rolls along, then at the bar of the Grey Lodge?
Letters Last
Letters Last
We’re there this very Tuesday, June 2nd, starting at 7 pm and going well past 9 pm.  We will provide nice paper, envelopes, USPS stamps and the addresses of every brewer on tap at the Grey Lodge–along with the mailing addresses of Pope Francis, Sonny Rollins, President Obama, and some other noteworthy people who’d love to read a personal letter from you. Set your favorite beverage on the bar, and let the words roll onto the page–yes, we’ll lend you a pen!
The Grey Lodge is at 6235 Frankford Ave., a brisk 18-minute walk from the El stop, and there’s lots of parking.  If you can’t make it this week, don’t worry–we’ll be there every Tuesday in June.  It’s FREE.
PUBLETTERS is brought to you by Casa Papel and Trophy Bikes.

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