Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wed. 13 May 2015

Draft Beer Update

On our lager line, Victory Prima Pils replaced Sprecher Special Amber. Prima is the beer that made lagers cool, pilsners especially, way way back. I remember drinking a sample bottle of it 19 years ago. I was given several Victory samples, including Hop Devil, and I had really low expectations from a yellow lager. I was blown away with how awesome it was. Southeast Pennsylvania is Pilsner Heaven and this beer is a major reason why. It was great then; it's great now.

If you love pilsners as much as I do, don't miss our 7th Annual Get Yer Fill of Pils, on 04 June 2014, which is the Thursday of Philly Beer Week.

Even if you don't love pilsners as much as I do, come out and see if you are missing anything or if I am just crazy.

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