Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lodge Steak Logo Contest

Lodge Steak Logo Contest
Over our 19 year history, The Grey Lodge has developed several iconic menu items such as our Lodge Steak, fresh cut fries, Lucky 13 Burger, and Cajun Fish Sandwich. 

To create more awareness of these, we want to create an iconic graphic for each iconic food item. Something like a beer label. A really, really cool beer label. 

We could do it in house, but we thought it would be more fun to have a contest. 

First up is... you know it, you love it..  the Lodge Steak! The Lodge Steak has been on our menu from when we first opened our full kitchen in February 2005. The Lodge Steak is freshly sliced steak, our house cheese sauce, salami, and roasted pepper mayo.

More iconic food logo contests to come!

- Let your creativity go wild; while the graphic can use unlimited colors, there must also be a version that is reproducible in three colors or less (with one of those three colors being white). 
- Everyone is eligible and no one will get special consideration.
- Winner and runners-up will be determined by Chris and myself. We will post entries on Facebook and Instagram as we get them for feedback to guide our judging.

The winning entry will get a $100 Grey Lodge gift card and other prizes.

Runners up will get assorted prizes. 

Deadline for submissions is August 31st. Email submissions toscoats@greylodge.com or drop them off at the Grey Lodge. 

The winner will be announced on September 15th. 

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