Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tapped: Magic Hat Lucky Kat IPA, Flying Bison Warbird Double IPA. Retapped: Arcadia Imperial Stout

Magic Hat Lucky Kat IPA replaced Stone Arrogant Bastard. Lucky Kat IPA... there was no way we weren't not getting this one at The Grey Lodge. I should ask if they have a tap handle.

Arcadia Imperial Stout
got quickly retapped, replacing Anderson Valley Summer Solstice. The Anderson Valley was really nice while it lasted. Hopefully we'll be able to get another barrel before the summer ends. It's not like it's even summer yet anyway.

Attention Hopheads! Flying Bison Warbird Double IPA replaced Brooklynator Doppelbock. This one from our friends up in Buffalo, NY is a Double IPA.

After drinking the last of the Anderson Valley last night (only getting 1/2 a glass), I had some Dock Street Baltic Maple Porter. The maple is a very balanced flavor in this beer, adding flavor but not being the flavor. This is my new current favorite.

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