Friday, May 09, 2008

Tapped: Victory Braumeister Pils - Tettenger

In a special switch-up to get a local pilsner on tap for the Flyers game tonight, Victory Braumeister Pils - Tettenger replaced Arcadia Imperial Stout. Arcadia Imperial Stout will get retapped when Arcadia Whitsun kicks.

Victory Braumeister Pils - Tettenger is a rather rare beer. Bill and Ron, the founders and still managing partners of Victory, both love pilsners. They also like to switch things up and every so often when the fancy strikes brew up a special pilsner. Braumeister Pils - Tettinger is single hopped with just Tettinger hops. If this story sounds familiar, it is. We had Braumeister - Spatz on about a week ago.

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