Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tapped: Sly Fox Xmas Ale

1) A sixtel of Sly Fox Xmas Ale arrived with the Xmas in July palette from Origilo. We were already sitting on a regular half barrel since December, so the sixtel had to wait a little bit. It replaces Ithaca Cascazilla, which as predicted didn't last long.

2) WARNING! Check your PECO bill, if you chose Commerce Energy Inc as your electricity supplier (or if like us, they were chosen for you), call PECO and switch providers quickly! Commerce pretty much doubled our rate last month (yeah, like as in 100%). Let me tell you that electric bill was a real shock. Peco can't switch us over until Sept 5th, so we have another hot month of high usage at Commerce's astronomical rate.

3) Hoppin' John Orchestra is at Disston Rec tonight for FREE!

4) Link of the day: this is awesome.

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