Monday, January 23, 2012

Mon, 23 Jan 2012

Draft Beer Update
Each week for this current Beer Season, we are highlighting a different style of beer. This week's Beer Season beer of the week is a porter. Porter is a strange style in that there is no clear agreement as that distinguishes it from a stout. Both are ales; both are black; both tend have moderate ABVs. Porters at one point were made by mixing an high octane imperial stout with an English dark mild. By the way, this is how Yards makes their seldom made Entire Porter. This mixing of imperial stout with dark mild was attributed to men who worked as porters (they lugged stuff around when there wasn't much in the way of machines). Whether or not that is true or not, that is where the name came from. At some point, they realized it would easier to brew this as a single beer, which how almost all of it is made today, including Yards' other porter, their George Washington.

Yuengling Porter, which was the go to beer for many a future beer geek back in the dark days before the microbrew revolution, is actually a lager and not technically a porter but a schwarzbier. We'll feature a kickass schwarbier before this Beer Season is over.

Anywho, Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, which replaced Dock Street Man Full of Trouble Porter, is an insanely tasty example of the porter style.

On another line, replacing last week's beer of the week, Cigar City Jai Alai IPA, is Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA. Bengali is a great IPA.

This Week
We have nothing extra special going this week, which gives me a chance to do the 2011 books. But as usual, our usual is pretty special. Great beer, great food, 7 days a week.

Wednesday is Quizzo with this week's Quizmaster, Quizmaster Special Bob. 40 questions. 8pm, on our 2nd floor. Prizes. No cover.

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