Monday, November 12, 2012

Mon, 12 Nov 2012

This Week at The Grey Lodge
On Tuesday, Chef Dave & Da Kitchen Krew will have this week's food specials up on the board. Also, at 7:30pm is our monthly Lucky 13 Home Brew Club meeting. Homebrewers of every level are encouraged to join us.

Wednesday night is Quizzo with Quizmaster Hoagie. He will have a Classic Quizzo for us. You might remember the hubbub when we ditched our beloved original 100 year old Quizzo recipe for New Quizzo and then we had to bring back Classic Quizzo because we were really stupid and we had both Classic Quizzo and New Quizzo but nobody cared about New Quizzo so we dumped it but many years later still call Old Quizzo "Classic Quizzo". No wait... that wasn't us. Sweet. Quizzo, 8pm, on our 2nd floor.

Not here but that the Constitution Center, on Thursday evening, Philly Beer Week will be holding the Bath Tub Beer Fest.

Friday is our annual Mad Elf/Happy New Night. This year is a return to tradition as we will again be  debuting this year's draft release of Mad Elf. We'll have 2 halves of 2012 Mad Elf, 1 half of 2011 Mad Elf, a half of Dream Weaver wheat, a sixtel of Scratch 78 Fresh Hop, and maybe a sixtel of Scratch 80 whatever that turns out to be. Not that anyone probably cares, but Troegs rep Jolly Ol' St. Nick Johnson and I will be both be rocking our coolest Rockmount cowboy shirts. Come out for the beer, stay for the cowboy shirts.

As usual, we will have brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

Sunday is the Mayfair-Holmesburg Thanksgiving Parade. The parade, which is a really good one, is scheduled to run from noon to 2pm. If you want to join The Grey Lodge Parade Brigade and march with us, please email me ( From 2pm to 5pm, we will hosting the official parade afterparty with $3 bottles of Yards ESA and IPA and Philadelphia Walt Wit and Kenzinger, and $2 bottles of Coors Light, Miller Lite and Yuengling.

Man, that's a week.

Here's what's going on at Hop Angel this week.

Draft Beer Update

Firestone Walker Pale 31 replaced Stone Levitation. Pale 31 is a newish lower-octane but full flavor hoppy beer, should be something along the lines of Stone Levitation or Lagunitas Daytime Fractional something something. For those of us that want the beer value of beer (great taste, hanging out with your peeps) but with lower calories and lower alcohol, this is another one for us.

Free Will Freshie replaced the fourth and final quarter barrel of Philadelphia Harvest from the Hood. Like Harvest from the Hood, Freshie is a wet-hopped beer from a local brewery. Wet-hopped beers, for those who are new here, are brewed with hops picked fresh, still wet, off the vine. These beers can only be once a year and a special autumn treat.

We are reaching the end of our huge arsenal of pumpkin beers. We bought about 40 kegs of pumpkin beers, with about 8 or so left to tap (including two more Dogfish Head Punkin Ales for Thanksgiving Eve and Night). Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin replaced Philadelphia Kenz o'Lantern. We bought four halves of this very popular, higher octane pumpkin way back; this is the last one for 2012.

11am update: Victory Festbier replaced Victory Zeltbier. Zeltbier is Victory's take on the current style of beer served at Munich's Oktoberfest. Festbier is Victory's take on a traditional festbier, which is darker in color.

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