Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thu, 24 Apr 2014

Draft Beer Update

Kicked: Naked Aigre Canon Sour Saison (sixtel), Duck Rabbit Hoppy Bunny ABA, Duck Rabbit Amber, Shiner Ruby Redbird.


Sprecher Special Amber - a Vienna style lager from Milwaukee. 

Summit Winter (sixtel) - it still feels like winter outside, so it works out that we saved this one. It's a winter ale, but it's old school. A bit maltier than a standard beer but not crazy high abv. Tasty. 

Flying Fish Farmhouse - Fish's summer seasonal marks it's second appearance of the season. 

Green Flash 30th Street Pale Ale - back in the day, with the exception of Sierra Nevada, "Pale Ale" often meant "meh". For years now though, Pale Ales have been the sleepers of great craft breweries. Just like with pilsners, if their pale ale is great, you know it's a great brewery. This will be our first time tapping 30th Street Pale Ale. But we already know Greeen Flash is a great brewery so this one should be a great beer. When I come back for darts tonight, this will be my first beer of the night. And who knows maybe my second too.  

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