Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sat, 27 Aug 2011

Yes We are Open (Probably)
We are currently open; it's about 7:30pm. If it gets really bad, that might change. But that's not supposed to happen until after midnight.

We should be open at 11am for brunch on Sunday, but you might want to call first just to be sure. We will definitely be open on Sunday but if it's bad, we might be opening a little late.

Draft Beer Update
Yowza, 6 beers kicked since last night. Kicked: Duck Rabbit Doppelbock, Desiato Hard Cider, Stegmaier Summer Stock Lager, Hofbrau Octoberfest, Manayunk Summer Paradise, Yards Cape of Good Hope IPA.

Tapped were:
Green Flash West Coast IPA - this old favorite is finally back after some production issues involved with Green Flash moving to a brand new brewery. We've been serving West Coast IPA since back when Green Flash first came to Philly, which seems like a long time ago. This keg won't last long. But no worries, there's more to come.

Lost Abbey Witch's Wit - a Belgian style white beer from a brewery that specializes in Belgian style beers. I haven't had it yet, but my expectations are high.

Breckenridge SummerBright - summer is not quite done with us yet. I enjoyed one of these last night while enjoying our new sidewalk seating.

Founders Breakfast Stout - yet another old favorite is back. Breakfast Stout vanished for a while because it's not year round. It's back for a few months and we will keep a ready supply of both draft and bottles while it's around.

Duck Rabbit Amber - our rotation of Duck Rabbit beers continues with this amber ale.

Erdinger Oktoberfest - this one is misleading. I had one last night and it was not what I was expecting. After I figured out what it was and readjusted my expectations, I enjoyed it. It's not a crisp marzen style amber lager but a cloudy hefeweizen wheat ale. We don't know why it's called what it is, but is what is, and that ain't bad.

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